Kymera Therapeutics

New Rules: From Insights to Druggable Targets

Moving beyond empirical approaches to rationally design first-in-class protein degraders, we’ve devised new rules to accelerate, de-risk and optimize the efficiency of the discovery process. Kymera is defining the very parameters that can transform the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) into a small molecule-directed protein degradation therapeutic platform with applications across most, if not all, diseases.

Our industry-leading strategies are focused on identifying the right E3 ligases and targets by learning how cells regulate and dispose of unwanted proteins, from ligase binding and tagging (ubiquitination) to degradation by the proteasome. We are continually expanding our understanding of the relationship between E3 ligases and target proteins, the properties that make a target ligandable and degradable, and how multiple factors impact potency, selectivity, PK and PD. By systematically defining these properties and relationships, our capabilities allow us to identify degraders for the right target, with the right pharmaceutical properties and for the right patients.

Nello Mainolfi, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer explains the key elements of protein degradation | Length: 1:19

This discovery engine is fueled by our unique algorithms and sophisticated workflows that synthesize and analyze everything we’ve learned about E3 ligase biology and “omics”-based approaches such as proteomics and genetics. Using a holistic approach to drug discovery and development, we can fine-tune the potency of drug candidates based not only on their drug-like properties but also their relationship with target properties and downstream PK/PD effects.

Pegasus Technology

Our Powerful Engine to Naturally Destroy Disease-Causing Proteins

In mythology, Pegasus was a winged horse that aided Greek hero Bellerophon in conquering the three-headed beast Chimera. In semblance, our powerful technology was designed to overcome the innate challenges of targeted protein degradation leveraging our extensive and ever-expanding knowledge of the human body’s ubiquitin-proteasome processes to remove disease-causing proteins in a disease agnostic manner.

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