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Leading the Charge for Transformative Therapeutics

Kymera is a clinical-stage biotechnology company working to reinvent the treatment of human disease through the development of innovative, highly differentiated medicines that address critical health problems and dramatically improve patients’ lives. We are committed to advancing novel technologies, such as targeted protein degradation, to address previously undrugged disease-causing proteins that have escaped existing modalities, challenging conventional treatment paradigms to deliver a new generation of medicines in a disease-agnostic manner.

Reinvent the treatment of human disease.
Build a global medicines company that harnesses novel modalities to revolutionize healthcare.

A Powerful Strategy that Puts Patients First

We push boundaries with an incredible sense of urgency, knowing patients are waiting for our therapies and that every week, every day, and every hour counts. We tackle challenges such as traditionally “undrugged” disease-causing proteins, pursuing new approaches to revolutionize disease treatment and find solutions for patients.

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Our First-in-Class Pipeline Combines Cutting-Edge Science with Patient Impact

Since our founding, we’ve built a preeminent discovery engine capable of identifying new drug candidates at an accelerated pace and advancing at least one new program into clinical testing every year, and we’re continuing to advance a pipeline of high-value programs poised to change patients’ lives.

Building a Best-in-Class Global Medicines Company

Propelling our rigorous scientific approach is a relentless desire to improve—to expand the opportunity and application of our science, scale our capabilities to support a growing company, and build a culture that enables us to achieve what may have seemed impossible. Our shared values and a deep commitment to improving patients’ lives are the guiding principles that drive our work and connect our diverse and experienced teams to the mission of Kymera.

A Legacy of Invention

Kymera’s name takes inspiration from a Greek mythological creature, the Chimera, composed of several powerful animals, such as a lion’s head, goat’s body, and serpent’s tail. This concept has been adopted in biology to describe molecules engineered to combine two or more components, and at Kymera to reference our small molecule medicines that are heterobifunctional and use the two different “ends” to bind to two different proteins and selectively redirect the cellular machinery responsible for protein degradation toward specific disease-causing proteins. We have an unwavering commitment to harness the power of these chimeric molecules to deliver medicines that will transform patients’ lives across the world.

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