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Inventing New Medicines
with Targeted Protein Degradation

of proteins that cause disease are currently out of our reach with conventional medicines
Imagine a World Beyond Untreatable Diseases

Proteins orchestrate almost every physiological function required in human health and development, and aberrant proteins are often the root cause of disease. Several therapeutic modalities have been utilized over the years to address disease-causing proteins, but conventional medicines often have limitations that can prevent them from accessing and addressing many of these—leaving millions of patients without adequate treatment options.

We believe in a future where every patient can be treated with an effective medicine.

At Kymera, we recognize that patients and their families are waiting for breakthroughs to improve their health, and we’re rethinking the boundaries of drug discovery and development by employing novel technologies that approach disease biology in an entirely new way and enable us to deliver life-changing medicines.


Taking the Next Big Leap Forward

Kymera was one of the first companies to see the potential in harnessing the natural process that keeps your cells healthy to treat diseases that have escaped existing approaches.

Today, we are a clinical-stage company pioneering targeted protein degradation (TPD) with the aim of delivering breakthrough treatments for patients around the world.

TPD engages the body’s natural cellular recycling system to selectively eliminate disease-causing proteins, ultimately addressing the root cause of disease. This technology enables us to address promising disease targets that are beyond the reach of conventional medicines.

Medicines that Work with Your Cells to Treat Disease

With this promising technology, we have the potential to overcome the inherent limitations of other modalities and can design and develop medicines that address diseases that have long been out of reach, including those associated with undrugged and hard-to-target proteins. And because of the catalytic nature of degraders (they enable this selective degradation process over and over), we can potentially deliver therapies that require less drug, which may result in improved efficacy and safety.

Degrader therapies are the kind of big idea that’s upending traditional wisdom about how drugs need to work—and opening doors many people never thought possible.

Creating Treatments that Challenge What’s Possible

We’re building a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on meaningfully improving patient care through our unique nexus of biology, proprietary chemistry, data science, and translational research approaches. Our programs address undrugged or hard-to-drug targets within well-validated and high-value pathways in therapeutic areas affecting large numbers of patients, where TPD is the best or only option to transform the standard of care and solve significant unmet needs.

We strive to solve critical health problems.

We have advanced the first oral small molecule degrader into the clinic for immunological diseases, and we’re expanding our focus in immunology to deliver small molecule oral degrader drugs to help patients without treatment options, or to provide convenient, highly effective therapies in place of injectable biologics. We are also progressing degrader medicines in oncology that target undrugged or poorly drugged proteins to create new ways to fight cancer that can potentially treat both solid and liquid tumors.

We continue to drive our science forward and evolve TPD and adjacent technologies by employing cutting-edge computational and research tools to enhance our understanding of the fundamental biological mechanisms of disease to build a deep and broad and disease agnostic pipeline.

Better Medicines for More Patients