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Inventing New Medicines

Pioneering Targeted Protein Degradation

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Kymera Therapeutics Presented Preclinical Data Showcasing Impact of IRAK4 Degrader KT-474 on Immune and Skin Cells at the Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting

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Kymera Therapeutics to Share Novel Preclinical Findings Reinforcing the Advantage of IRAK4 Degraders over Kinase Inhibitors as well as First STAT3 Degrader Results in a Preclinical Model of Th17 Inflammation

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Targeted Protein Degradation

A New Way to Treat Disease

Kymera is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel protein degrader therapeutics to treat disease in powerful new ways, which harness the body’s natural protein degradation system to selectively degrade disease causing proteins with the goal of completely removing them from the body. Kymera is driven to invent transformative medicines for a wide variety of diseases where traditional drug modalities have failed to sufficiently unlock the appropriate biological solution.

A Powerful Drug Discovery Engine

Kymera has developed a proprietary targeted protein degradation platform called Pegasus which enables the design of highly selective small molecule protein degraders – heterobifunctional molecules with potent activity against disease-causing proteins. Thanks to our Whole Body E3 Ligase Atlas, Pegasus is expanding the universe of potential disease targets and possible treatments.

Promising New Therapies

We are rapidly advancing a broad and diverse pipeline of novel protein degraders. These are medicines designed to target high impact, previously undrugged or insufficiently drugged targets within validated biological pathways. Further, our strategic partnerships with other leading companies and organizations are allowing us to expand the reach of our protein degrader medicines to treat more patients and diseases.