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Chemical & Engineering News: Targeted protein degraders are redefining how small molecules look and act

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Kymera Therapeutics Appoints Industry Veteran Mark E. Nuttall, Ph.D., as Chief Business Officer

Cambridge, Mass. (February 6, 2018) – Kymera Therapeutics LLC, a biotechnology company pioneering targeted-protein degradation as a transformative new approach to creating breakthrough medicines for patients, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Mark Nuttall, Ph.D., as chief business officer. Dr. Nuttall joins Kymera from Sanofi Genzyme where he led business development and licensing for Immunology and Inflammation and Neuroscience. The company also announced the appointment of Don Nicholson, Ph.D., CEO of Nimbus Therapeutics, to its Board of Directors.

Kymera Therapeutics Announces Series A to Advance Novel Therapeutic Modality and Develop Innovative Therapies

Cambridge, Mass. (Dec. 18, 2018) – Kymera Therapeutics Inc., a biotechnology company pioneering targeted protein degradation to create breakthrough medicines for patients, today announced the expansion of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to support development of the company’s Pegasus platform and advancement of its small molecule-based protein degrader therapeutics into the clinic. The board is comprised of world-class scientists and clinicians, including experts in proteomics, human genetics, chemistry, E3 ligase biology and translational and clinical research.