Kymera Therapeutics

Research Scientist, Biochemistry (Research Associate to Senior Scientist)

Job Description:

We are seeking an enthusiastic, lab-based research scientist to join the Lead Discovery group at Kymera Therapeutics. The Biochemistry Scientist will be responsible for developing and performing biochemical and biophysical assays to enable hit finding and lead optimization in early stage discovery programs, accelerating drug discovery to advance new treatment options for patients with previously untreatable diseases.


  • Design and perform high throughput biochemical and biophysical assays to support screening, hit-validation, and hit optimization
  • Develop assays to understand protein properties and mechanisms of actions
  • Provide interpretation and analysis of results to Kymera team members and external collaborators, including presentation of findings as needed
  • Maintain clear records of experiments and data


  • Extensive hands-on experience in biochemical and biophysical assay development, such as SPR, ITC, TR-FRET, ALPHAScreen, fluorescence polarization etc., in the context of small molecule drug discovery
  • Familiarity with protein handling and characterization
  • Demonstrated ability to implement new techniques, independently analyze and interpret experimental data, lead or participate in productive discussion with peers, and conduct multiple laboratory tasks efficiently
  • Attention to detail and proven track record in handling, analyzing and recording experimental data, and presenting results to project teams and external collaborators
  • Excellent communication, organization, and time-management skills

Key Attributes:

Enthusiastic, goal-driven, collaborative and team-oriented, open-minded, creative, self-aware, excellent communication skills, proven strategic and people leadership skills


B.S./MS in Biology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Academia or related disciplines with a minimum of 2 years laboratory experience in biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry

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