Kymera Therapeutics

Computational Drug Discovery Scientist (Principal Scientist to Senior Director)

We are seeking an enthusiastic computational drug discovery scientist to join Kymera Therapeutics, a biotechnology company pioneering a transformative new approach to treating previously untreatable diseases. The company is advancing the field of targeted protein degradation, accessing the body’s innate protein recycling machinery to degrade rather than inhibit dysregulated, disease-causing proteins. Powered by a proprietary predictive modeling capability and a game-changing integrated degradation platform, Kymera is accelerating drug discovery with an unmatched ability to target and degrade the most intractable of proteins, and advance new treatment options for patients.

Job Description:

  • As part of the Drug Discovery Leadership Team contribute to creative new strategies to advance new technologies and modalities to drugging traditionally intractable targets.
  • In close collaboration with medicinal chemists and project teams, apply a wide variety of drug- design and computational chemistry methods to hit finding campaigns including virtual screens, scaffold hopping, etc.
  • In close collaboration with medicinal chemists and project teams, apply a wide variety of drug- design and computational chemistry methods to improve potency, selectivity, and ADME properties while minimizing toxicological risk.
  • Enhance our understanding of SAR and influence team strategy by assimilating and interpreting data using modeling and data-mining technologies.
  • Apply and develop new approaches for designing bioactive-relevant features using machine- learning, scoring functions, and multiple endpoint optimization methods.
  • Maintain and develop working knowledge of contemporary computational chemistry methods and their use in ligand design and data analysis as applied to drug design projects.


  • Broad experiences in all aspects of modern computational chemistry (including chemo informatics, conformational analysis, scaffold-morphing, structure/ligand/fragment-based design, virtual screens, etc.) with a demonstrated track record of success in the application of these techniques to drug discovery programs, as evidenced by patents and publications. Strong understanding of all aspects of modern drug discovery including medicinal chemistry, multi-parameter optimization, DMPK principles, etc.
    • Ability to independently solve problems, to think critically and creatively as part of a fast- paced research team.
    • Excellent communication, organizational and time management skills. – Attention to detail, commitment to quality and a team player mentality is a must. Experience with MOE/Schrodinger, and Dotmatics products is a plus.


  • PhD, or equivalent, in the field of chemistry or computational chemistry with >6 years of experience working in small-molecule drug discovery teams in a pharma or biotech setting.

Email us at to tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for this position.