Until now, progress in the development of targeted protein degradation therapies has been largely driven by empirical approaches, limiting insights and advances in the field. Kymera’s team has developed a truly game-changing integrated degradation platform with the potential to advance the field of protein degradation and accelerate drug discovery and development to deliver important new therapies to patients.

Named for the winged horse in Greek mythology that successfully defeated the three-headed beast Chimera, our Pegasus™ Platform was engineered to overcome some of the unique challenges associated with targeted protein degradation, and produce a powerful and efficient drug discovery engine.

Our Pegasus™ Platform consists of:

  • Informatics driven selection of disease pathways, targets and E3 ligases
  • Integrated hit ID platform including state of the art DNA-encoded library screening platform
  • Proprietary ternary complex predictive tool to allow for the best pairing of target proteins with E3 ligases
  • Holistic strategy to access novel E3 ligase biology and binders
  • Library of E3 ligases ligands and linkers from which to develop our heterobifunctional molecules

Kymera is now actively pursuing drug candidates to treat cancer, and autoimmune disease and inflammatory diseases.

Our Pegasus Accelerator can be directed toward multiple disease states and targets.


If you are interested in collaborating with us to develop novel protein degrading therapeutics, please email